Jake Webb: MFF Fellow & Communications Director

Jake Webb, who became an MFF Fellow in 2019, is a multimedia professional with a background in videography and social media marketing.  Jake joined MFF in January 2024 as Communications Director and his fresh perspective and innovative approach to communication strategies align perfectly with MFF’s mission.  His efforts are playing a crucial role in advancing […]

Thais Estrada-Nunez: Nonprofit Founder at 15

Thais Estrada-Nunez is a very impressive young woman with a storied childhood. Her family left Paraguay when her mom was 8 months pregnant with her, making her a first-generation American. Born to hardworking immigrant parents, Thais excelled throughout high school and has gone on to attend Stanford University – and founded a nonprofit as a […]

Jenn Ramsey, Entrepreneur, Home-Owner at 23

Jennifer Ramsey does lots of things. She’s a personal trainer, a private-party bartender, and a nanny. She’s a self-proclaimed “hustler.” At the age of 23, she bought her first home in Forest Park, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. With over 300,000 TikTok Followers, Jenn is on a mission that others are interested in. We sit […]

Christin Baker: Director, Producer, Writer at Tello Films

Christin Baker is An award-winning director and Emmy-nominated producer at Tello Films. Tello Films is a streaming platform she launched in 2007, which she now operates full-time. In December 2022, Christin partnered Tello Films with DIVA Box Office. In this podcast, we explore Christin’s journey from having an interest and passion for film to pursuing it […]

Catching up with Fellow Trent Remillard

Trent Remillard is a Pioneer Fellow of MFF, a graduate of Bryant University, and currently works as a Financial Advisor at TD Bank. We have a great conversation going through his history at MFF, the outlook on the economy, crypto, and learn he doesn’t know the ‘van down by the river’ SNL skit. Listen on […]

Catching up with Fellow Allison Demirjian

Allison is the Daughter of MFF Founder, Michelle Demirjian. Allison is one of our original Pioneer Fellows to go through the MFF program. She interned internally with MFF to get a more hands on learning experience. Allison graduated with a Bachelors of Health Science Studies  in 2021 and an Masters of Business Administration in 2022 […]

Catching up with Fellow Joseph Crepeau

In this podcast, we catch up with Joseph Crepeau in his journey from NH to SC/NC. Joseph has radically changed his life by taking on a new career and moving out of home for the first time.

Michelle Demirjian – Co-Founder of Morgan Franklin Fellowship, Director of Finance at Morgan Legacy Partners, Real Estate Investor – MFF’s Save Invest Grow Podcast Series

Michelle is an original Founder of Morgan Franklin Fellowship along with Peter Morgan. Michelle is the Director of Finance at Morgan Legacy Partners, and is Owner of Innovision Realty Group, LLC, a Manchester, NH based property management and real estate investment company. She has several other real estate investment companies that she is part of in […]

Karen Webb, Real Estate Attorney, General Counsel to Morgan Legacy Partners – Business Operating Agreements, Real Estate Investing, and Education. – MFF’s Save Invest Grow Podcast Series

Karen Webb has been a Real Estate and Corporate Attorney for over 30 years on the Seacoast in New Hampshire.  Karen also led a nonprofit called Project Safety Association which implemented substance abuse prevention education programs within the Portsmouth School system. In this conversation, Judi, Steve, and Karen discuss Small Business Ownership, Real Estate Investing, Business […]